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Let viewers engage with your brand in environments where your product thrives

We build 3D virtual showrooms, virtual trade show booths, and 360 virtual stores for engaging 360 Brand Experiences.  Realistic 3D rendering paired with exceptional 360 video and 360 virtual tours allow us to cover what exists and what does not even exist yet!

Creating virtual showrooms with reach is one way to engage your audience and go beyond the limitations of a convention or in person event. Customers will be able to see what your product can do, and interact with your 360 brand experience from the comfort of their home or office space at any time of the day.

Take customers directly where your product thrives by stepping into captivating environments built inside our Virtual Showrooms. Whether it’s a virtual european street market, inside a nuclear plant, or in a virtual art gallery, we can build a world that tells your story and deliver it right to their door.

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A few selected examples of 3D virtual showrooms & immersive brand engagement:


We created a virtual showroom that educates their end user about their brand and products

We worked with ForaCare to create a simple and interactive 3D virtual showroom to display 23 different product models, with downloadable brochures, and wall graphics that illustrate their brands connection to health and wellness. Supported by our Hotspot features, potential customers can watch videos, look at each product model up close, and get taken directly to where they can buy one for themselves.

Virtual Showroom Details:
  • Video Flythru Introduction
  • 23 3D Products Total
  • Downloadable Brochures
  • Supporting Video Materials
  • 360 Degree Product Views

Why not have a 24/7 Virtual Tradeshow booth working for you all the time?

We can take a product as simple as business checks and create an interactive experience that not only showcases that product but also their brand as a whole displayed in a virtual trade show booth.

Safeguard, a division of Deluxe, approached us looking for a way to bring their customers into the mix and allow them to engage in their brand in a way that goes in depth into what they do and what they can do for their customers.

Virtual Tradeshow Booth Details:
  • Multiple 3D and Soft Products Displayed
  • Quarterly Updates to Fine Tune Seasonal Marketing Campaigns
  • Downloadable Brochures
  • Supporting Printed and Video Materials
  • Detailed Analytics Reporting

A brand engagement experience on a whole other level!

Intuitive Surgical originally approached us for a simple virtual showroom, but once we looked over their existing array of incredible photography displaying tiny detailed surgical instruments, we proposed a different approach.  We proposed a thematic experience centered around an art gallery to display their photography, AND 3D models of their primary 3 physical surgical products.

The result is The Intuitive Experience — a brand immersion.  Our thematic experiences can take customers directly where a product thrives by stepping into captivating environments. Whether it’s a european street market, inside a nuclear plant, or in an art gallery, we can build a world that tells your story and deliver it right to their door.

Some additional example tour of our Virtual Showrooms:

Awesome: Optional & Built-In Features

We can suggest a mix of added features to customize your presentation to highlight your facilities’ greatest strengths.

Since 1998, we approach each job with an eye toward true user engagement, a streamlined and natural user-friendly design, and most of all, a customer service model you will not find elsewhere.